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Seven Questions with an Oxford Continuee: Alex Campo


Alejandro Campo

Name: Alex Campo
Majors: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies/Human Health double major
Hometown: Flowery Branch, Georgia
Class: 22OX 24C* 

*Class years are listed with an abbreviation of the school attended to distinguish current students and alumni. For example, Alex transitioned from Oxford College (OX) to the Atlanta campus in 2022 (22OX) and plans to graduate from Emory College (C) in 2024 (24C).

1. What made your experience at the Oxford campus special while you were there?

I think the people at Oxford are truly some of the most brilliant, kind, and exceptional people anywhere. Oxford College is a deeply special place because of its ability to bring together people from so many different backgrounds. Being at Oxford is a wonderful experience that everyone goes through together, and, as cheesy as it sounds, the friends you make along the way are some of the people you’ll want to keep closest to you for the rest of your life. No matter what, I felt like I could always rely on the extremely diverse, tight-knit community that Oxford fosters, and I’ll always hold the memories I made and the advice I received from peers and professors close to my heart.

2. How was the transition from Oxford to Atlanta? Did you feel prepared?

My initial transition was a little rocky because, although Oxford and Atlanta are academically very similar, the two campuses are very environmentally distinct. At the start of my junior year I was learning my way around a new campus, and my first few days in Atlanta were a little disorienting. However, I quickly got my bearings with the support of my fellow continuees and some help from new friends I made in my first couple weeks in Atlanta.

3. What has been the biggest change since you transitioned to the Atlanta campus? 

There are so many more people, and the campus is so much bigger! At Oxford, I took for granted the fact that I could wake up minutes before class and still be early, even after passing 3 people I knew along the way. In Atlanta, everything felt so much farther away, and one of the aspects of the campus that most shocked me was how few people I recognized. By the time I left Oxford, I definitely knew or at least recognized almost all of my classmates, but in Atlanta, I had to restart the process of getting to know people.

4. Is there anything you have learned/experienced at Oxford that you’ve taken with you to Atlanta?

Never be afraid to speak up or get involved! At Oxford, the smaller student population encourages people to participate more in classes and clubs and to communicate with faculty and administration about what they want. Sharing your thoughts (whether it be about a reading for class or a campus policy) and getting involved (through clubs, research, work, or more) are extremely valuable and always make for a richer experience.

5. If you could talk to a prospective student considering enrollment at Oxford College or Emory College, what would you tell them about the transition and opportunity to experience both campuses?

Going to Oxford was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, and I’m so grateful I’ve now had the opportunity to attend both a tight-knit, liberal-arts-focused college surrounded by beautiful nature where I was able to make so many great friends as well as a larger, premier, research-focused college closer to a big city where I have the opportunity to connect with faculty and alumni at the forefront of their fields. I think choosing Oxford is choosing the best of both worlds, and anyone interested in Oxford would almost certainly find the experience worthwhile.

6. What was your favorite part about attending Oxford for your first two years? 

I am so grateful that I got to spend my first two years of college in a liberal arts environment that not only allowed me to explore different academic disciplines, but which actively encouraged it. Coming into college, I wasn’t fully sure what I wanted to study for the next four years, but taking a wide variety of classes with professors that encouraged discussion and exploration helped me find subjects that I was deeply passionate about. The academic and advising experience at Oxford is so valuable for anyone who might be even a little unsure of what they want their future to look like.

7. When you were going through the application process, what is one thing you wish someone told you about Oxford College or the transition to Atlanta? 

Be fully yourself on your application! Oxford and Emory do a great job choosing the most passionate, most diverse, and most genuine student body each admission cycle, and the best thing you can do is show your curiosity and personality through your writing. Your brilliance and achievements will shine through, but being authentic and and sharing your story will put you over the top!

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