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Seven Questions with an Oxford Continuee: Siri Johnson

Name: Siri Johnson
Majors: International Studies
Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland
Class: 23OX, 25C* 

*Class years are listed with an abbreviation of the school attended to distinguish current students and alumni. For example, Siri transitioned from Oxford College (OX) to the Atlanta campus in 2023 (23OX) and plans to graduate from Emory College (C) in 2025 (25C).

1. What made your experience at the Oxford campus special while you were there?

I was constantly blown away by the level of friendliness and care that I experienced from the Oxford community. During my first weeks at college, this was the aspect of the Oxford campus that made me feel at home so quickly, and it continued to make my experience special during my time at Oxford. Whether I needed support from a classmate while studying for an exam or just needed someone to hold the door open for me when my hands were full, there was always someone willing to help me out.

2. How was the transition from Oxford to Atlanta? Did you feel prepared?

I felt incredibly prepared for my transition from Oxford to Atlanta. I was honestly a little nervous before the transition about what it would be like because I had loved my time at Oxford so much. However, there were plenty of opportunities for me to get to know my way around the Atlanta campus, participate in the different events and activities happening there, and meet other students in my class who had started at the Atlanta campus, all while I was attending Oxford. Because of this, I felt very comfortable in Atlanta by the time I made the move over.

3. What has been the biggest change since you transitioned to the Atlanta campus? 

The biggest change that I’ve experienced during the transition to the Atlanta campus is not living as close to my friends. At Oxford, it took me less than 10 minutes, or even less than 5, to walk to wherever my friends were on campus. Everyone lived in the dorms, and it was very easy to find where friends were studying, take spontaneous opportunities to do something fun, or stumble across club events. At the Atlanta campus, I have to be a little more intentional about making plans to see my friends.

4. Is there anything you have learned/experienced at Oxford that you’ve taken with you to Atlanta?

At Oxford, I learned to get to know my professors and utilize opportunities such as office hours to get more out of my classes. Because of the small class sizes and friendly professors at Oxford, I was able to learn this very easily, and now have brought that practice to Atlanta even in my larger classes.

5. If you could talk to a prospective student considering enrollment at Oxford College or Emory College, what would you tell them about the transition and opportunity to experience both campuses?

No matter which campus you choose to start at, you will have access to the same resources and opportunities, and you can cross-enroll in classes on either campus or get involved in clubs that are hosted on either campus. Take the time to explore both options, even if you have an initial idea of which campus you would prefer, and focus on the environment and fit for you as a student and person, as you may be surprised by what you find.

6. What was your favorite part about attending Oxford for your first two years? 

My favorite part about attending Oxford for my first two years was how centered around the first- and second-year experience the campus was, since the only students there are first- and second-years. Because of this, I was able to get involved in club positions and other opportunities within my first two years of college earlier than I might have if there were juniors and seniors on campus also competing for those positions.

7. When you were going through the application process, what is one thing you wish someone told you about Oxford College or the transition to Atlanta? 

I wish someone had told me to take as many opportunities as possible to reach out to current students and ask questions, as I don’t think there’s a better way to understand the student experience than to talk to the students that are a part of the community, while of course understanding that everyone has their own unique experience.


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