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Seven Questions with an Oxford Continuee: Jack Wood

Name: Jack Wood
Majors: International Studies
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Class: 23OX 25C* 

*Class years are listed with an abbreviation of the school attended to distinguish current students and alumni. For example, Jack transitioned from Oxford College (OX) to the Atlanta campus in 2023 (23OX) and plans to graduate from Emory College (C) in 2025 (25C).

1. What made your experience at the Oxford campus special while you were there?

So many things. An unbeatable community in my dorm. Dooley mysteriously appearing on campus causing a stir. Oxford traditions like Hearts on the Quad. Professors who go beyond the classroom and make an effort to know the students. The Covington community and the lovely amenities it has.

2. How was the transition from Oxford to Atlanta? Did you feel prepared?

In all honesty, the transition was difficult. The class sizes are different, social dynamics change, and integrating into a new community can have its difficulties; however, there are many blessings to the transition too. I oftentimes found myself filled with gratitude when I would be hanging out with my senior friends, many of whom I had dearly missed during my sophomore year at Oxford.

Academically, I felt prepared for the transition. Socially, it was harder. However, I would recommend joining clubs, applying to be an OL leader, and keeping up with your Oxford social network!

3. What has been the biggest change since you transitioned to the Atlanta campus? 

The biggest change for me has been the social dynamics. Continuees will quickly learn that there are few places comparable to the community feel granted by the Oxford Quad. Seeing people who you would see every day less frequently can be jarring at first, but the new environment also opens up the opportunity to meet many cool new people in Atlanta and solidify existing Oxford friendships.

4. Is there anything you have learned/experienced at Oxford that you’ve taken with you to Atlanta?

Of course, there are so many things. One of the best things that I have brought over is my ability to call upon my community and get people excited about a shared goal. Since Oxford was smaller and more intimate, I got to know many of my peers very well. I would oftentimes call on these friendships when planning events, parties, or just encouraging community. I still rely heavily on these friendships, my Oxford networks, and my ability to get people excited, which I developed at Oxford.

5. If you could talk to a prospective student considering enrollment at Oxford College or Emory College, what would you tell them about the transition and opportunity to experience both campuses?

I would tell them that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Oxford and Atlanta campus are both individually amazing places, but experienced together they make something special. To attend Oxford for two years is to learn and experience what genuine community is. You get to see how much of an impact you have and how much others can impact you. Atlanta broadens your horizons and gives you a ground to test what you’ve learned at Oxford and develop skills in a more urban environment. I have loved it, and I have no doubt it is the best way to do the Emory experience.

6. What was your favorite part about attending Oxford for your first two years? 

My favorite part about attending Oxford was the level of camaraderie that I was able to form with my hall mates on Fleming 3rd West as both a freshman and a sophomore. Both years I was blessed to have an RA who cared about the community on the floor as well as some stand-out individuals that recognized the value of having a cohesive and eventful floor. Clairmont is great, but Fleming still has my heart.

7. When you were going through the application process, what is one thing you wish someone told you about Oxford College or the transition to Atlanta? 

I wish that someone told me how valuable Oxford Continuees are to the community in Atlanta. I am biased, but I still believe that Continuees bring an unmatched energy and sense of community that improves the overall experience in Atlanta. Be proud of your Ox roots. Ox on top!


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