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Volunteer Emory

Hello, beautiful readers! It’s my favorite time of the month again when I can finally write another blog post! In the holiday spirit, I’d love to share how amazing the volunteering options are here at Emory University! We have the privilege of being located in Atlanta, a major city in America. With this privilege comes great responsibilities, or whatever Peter Parker said! As an institution, we find it incredibly important to provide to this city, as it allows for an immense amount of culture, opportunities, and love back to us. This is exactly why we love Volunteer Emory!

One of our prized possessions is Volunteer Emory, a program under our Center for Civic and Community Engagement. In the heart of Atlanta, Emory University stands as a beacon of education and community engagement. A testament to this commitment is Volunteer Emory, a dynamic program that collaborates with over 20 Emory student organizations and more than 50 community partners. Together, they offer diverse service opportunities, creating a platform for the Emory community to make a tangible impact in areas ranging from environmental sustainability to cultural awareness, from supporting victims of domestic violence to advocating for animal welfare, and almost everything in between. 

Volunteer Emory’s story began in 1980 when two visionary students, Debby Genzer and Wendy Rosenberg, recognized a need and decided to do something about it. Their passion and determination culminated in founding Volunteer Emory, an organization that would be the beating heart of Emory’s undergraduate volunteer efforts.

Today, many programs thrive off Volunteer Emory, such as Days of Service, Weekly Service Trips, Alternative Breaks, Community Connections, and Social Justice Education. The weekly service trips truly caught my eye. As the week unfolds and academic pursuits take center stage, Volunteer Emory steps into the spotlight, providing an avenue for students, faculty, and staff to actively participate in the community. The weekly service trips are a cornerstone of this initiative, offering diverse opportunities to engage with the Greater Atlanta area in meaningful and impactful ways. 20-30 weekly service trips are set up through the program, offering the Emory community a chance to extend their hands and hearts to the Greater Atlanta area. These service trips are not just about giving back; they are a testament to the power of collective action and a commitment to making a real impact in the world.

Volunteer Emory on one of their trips!

Another awesome opportunity to serve comes from the Alternative Breaks offered during our fall and spring breaks. Recently, Emory Alternative Break students took an intersectional approach to address healthcare disparities in Charleston by immersing themselves in local clinics serving underserved communities. During their fall break, students actively engaged with organizations focused on mental health improvement, safe housing, and essential resources for children and mothers. By working hands-on with these community-driven initiatives, the students aimed to understand and contribute to the multifaceted challenges faced by those in underserved areas, turning their break into a meaningful opportunity to tackle healthcare disparity firsthand.

Emory University is a hub of compassion and community engagement in the spirit of the holidays and the joy of giving back. At the heart of this commitment is Volunteer Emory, a dynamic program that has evolved over the years to become a driving force in Emory’s dedication to service. Collaborating with numerous student organizations and community partners, Volunteer Emory has created diverse service opportunities, allowing the Emory community to make a tangible impact on various fronts, from environmental sustainability to social justice causes. Thanks for coming along with me again this month; it’s always appreciated!

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