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A Day in the Life of an Oxford Student

Hey! My name is Samah, and I’m going to show you a day in the life of an Oxford Student. Today is opening night of the Spring Play, “Sense & Sensibility,” and I have one of the main roles. It’s not quite a typical day, but at Oxford, every day is different.

11am – Wake up and get dressed

I don’t have class until 3:30 PM today, so I get to wake up late! On show days, the cast dresses in our fanciest outfits, so I wear my fanciest jumpsuit. #PowerfulWomenWearPants

12pm – Lunch

I start off selling tickets for the show with some other cast members. I make sure to have a working lunch with one of my best friends, Emma. She and I eat a whole plate of fries and I have about three cups of coffee. It’s a very college-student lunch.

3:30pm – Oral History class

Oral History is a class taught by Dean Moon, the Dean of Campus Life, and Dr. Ashmore, who might be the smartest person I’ve ever met. Today, we have a guest speaker, Dr. Palomino, who teaches Latin American Studies. We learn a lot about his work interviewing activists from Buenos Aires.

This is one of the coolest classes I’ve taken at Oxford. I’m an English and Creative Writing and Media Studies double major with no experience with history, but the class made itself one of the things I most look forward to in the week. At the end of the class, we will conduct our own interviews, which will then be archived in the official Oxford College archives in the library. I’m especially interested in the class because I’m writing a podcast for Independent Study within my Media Studies major. We are conducting several interviews, so the class is helping me understand the best practices of interviewing and why audio is an important medium.

5pm – Dinner

I eat more fries and a hearty vegetarian meal of rice and veggies with my castmates. We run lines and my heart (and stomach) is full.

7pm – The Show!

Opening night goes really well. One of my junior friends comes to see it, as well as a few Deans, professors, and my boss!

10:30pm – Homework in the RA Office

I don’t have duty tonight as a Resident Assistant (RA), but my friend Caroline does, so I join her.  While she is on duty, we do homework in the office.

12am – Bedtime

I spend the rest of my night in my onesie, singing at the top of my lungs in the shower before heading to bed.

On other days, I spend my time doing any of the following:

  • podcasting
  • giving tours to prospective students
  • visiting the prison as a part of my memoirs class (we take the class alongside women who are incarcerated, and every two weeks we go up to the prison to work on the partner narratives we are writing for each other)
  • hosting RA programs
  • making RA bulletin boards
  • serving Indian food at events around campus as a part of the Indian Cultural Exchange
  • shooting and editing short films for my film class
  • working on logic homework problems
  • making midnight runs to the local Waffle House
  • hanging out on the Quad on the Atlanta campus
  • hammocking outside of the theater at Oxford

Thanks for joining me on my Thursday around Oxford! Every day at Oxford is different, and every day is special!


Samah Meghjee, 18OX, 20C
Orlando, FL
English and Creative Writing



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  1. It doesn’t seem that this is a daily life of an Oxford student. With this type of schedule, Oxford students cannot do such great things.

    1. Hi Sujan,

      I understand how you could feel skeptical about Samah’s daily life at Oxford. One of the best things about going to Oxford is the fact that there are so many early leadership opportunities at a campus comprised entirely of freshman and sophomore students. If you’re the type of student who likes to be involved in many different activities and organizations, Oxford is a really great place to start. You can learn more by reading more online:

      -Jessica M.

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