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5 Things You Don’t Know About Emory’s Goizueta Business School

Goizueta Business School
Goizueta Business School at Night

Since 1919, business education has been an integral part of Emory’s identity. The Goizueta Business School was named after influential business leader – Roberto C. Goizueta – Chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola company for 16 years. While building his legacy at Coca-Cola, Roberto Goizueta contributed substantially towards Emory as well as the Business school’s growth and progress.

Today, Goizueta thrives under a culture of success, service, and intellectual curiosity. Combining a community-oriented environment with the academic drive and prestige of a major research institution, Goizueta helps students create meaningful and lasting impacts in the fast-paced world of business.

Let’s dive into five things you may not have known about Emory’s Goizueta Business School.

1. 100% of Goizueta Students Receive Coaching and Professional Development

Alongside the wide curriculum the BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) offers, Goizueta also houses the Career Management Center (CMC). The CMC is dedicated to helping business students achieve their most ambitious career goals. Professional staff, career coaches, as well as peer leaders work together to help students put together their personal brand, prepare for interviews, and find the right-fit career opportunities.

2. You Can Start Your Goizueta Journey at Oxford College

No matter where you start your Emory University journey, you can matriculate into Goizueta Business School. Oxford College students specifically can apply to the BBA program in their last semester in Oxford, so long as they have finished the requirements for the Associates degree from Oxford.

The matriculation process remains the same for both colleges, and is achieved through a criteria-based declaration. Students must successfully complete pre-requisite courses outlined by Goizueta, and engage in diverse extracurricular involvements. Then, students can declare their intent to matriculate the semester prior to enrolling in the program.

3. All Goizueta Students are Invited to an Annual Ski Trip

Every January, the Goizueta programs office invites enrolled BBA students on a 3-day long ski trip. Though participation is optional, the ski trip is a beloved tradition by all BBAs, and even counts as a PE credit towards graduation requirements. All skill levels are welcomed to the trip, and ⅓ of all participants are new to the sport of their choice.

4. On Thursdays, We BBA Kegs

BBA Kegs is another beloved Goizueta tradition, a weekly event that highlights community building and networking. Every Thursday, marking the end of the business school week, students gather to reflect, hang out, and network with peers and professors. Alumni often mark this event as their favorite tradition at the Business School, making lifelong friends and connections through the event.

Companies also connect with Goizueta students through Kegs, interested companies are invited to host a BBA Kegs event and can meet business students in a more casual setting while strengthening existing ties with Goizueta.

5. Goizueta Students can Intern Abroad

Goizueta offers the exclusive opportunity for students to intern abroad in Linz, Austria. Students will spend 10 weeks applying problem-solving skills gained from the classroom on a global scale, gaining global business experiences. Students will be provided with accommodation and German lessons, and are typically placed at KPMG Austria, Voest Alpine Stahl, and more. Internship disciplines include Marketing, Finance, or General Management depending on the specific student.

Come Visit!

Ready to check out Emory University to learn more? You can visit in-person or virtually through guided or self-guided tours. To find out how, go to our Admission page.

You can also visit Goizueta Business School virtually here, or plan an in-person visit here

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