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Emory Community: A Genuine Warm Atmosphere

This week we’re diving deep into the campus community at Emory University. Here, diversity goes beyond checking a box for race, religion, or gender, understanding that each student is a unique blend of all of this and so much more. We’ve invited seven current students to share about their community experiences, and we encourage you to read them all here.

Eric Sopshin

Davie, FL
Strategy & Management Consulting and Marketing major
Campus Involvement: Tour Guide, VP of Marketing for Emory Hillel

How did you know that you would fit in at Emory?
The summer before my senior year of high school, I took a campus tour. On campus, I saw posters and signs for events ranging from the arts to athletics to religious and cultural debates. Students smiled at each other while they walked to class with friends. I felt a genuine warm atmosphere here. I realized that while every student here is unique in his own ways, there is an emphasis on coming together as a community. That’s exactly what I wanted in a college, and it’s what I still feel today as an Emory student.

What’s your favorite multicultural celebration on campus?
Diwali, hosted by Emory’s Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE), is the biggest off-campus Emory event and a bucket-list event for every Emory student. This year I finally got tickets, so even though I haven’t been yet, I can’t wait to experience it. I’ve heard it’s an unforgettable night featuring Emory’s dance teams, music, and full-course Indian meals!

How have you changed by being a part of Emory’s diverse community?
Being a part of this diverse community has truly opened my eyes to the world and people around me. I have become much more aware of different cultures and uniqueness that every student brings.

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