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Neighborhood Spotlight: Virginia-Highland

Virginia Highland Neighborhood
Virginia Highland Neighborhood

One of the best parts about attending Emory University is the vibrant backdrop that the city of Atlanta provides its students. There are always exciting places to explore, delicious foods to eat, and outdoor spaces to enjoy–the list is endless.

One neighborhood that’s only minutes from Emory’s Atlanta campus is Virginia-Highland. (A.K.A. VaHi, ViHi or Virginia-Highlands.) Situated in the eastern part of the city, this neighborhood has historic buildings and homes dating from the 1920s as well as a wealth of restaurants, boutiques and stores, walkable areas and more.

When Emory students need a break from their academic pursuits, Virginia-Highland offers a picturesque escape. In this blog post, we’ll review five must-see places to visit in this unique Atlanta neighborhood.

VaHi Books

Virginia Highland Books
Virginia Highland Books

VaHi books is the local independent bookstore in Virginia-Highland. It offers the community an eclectic mix of books, gift and vinyl so you can go gift shopping, grab your next page-turner or score the album you’ve been meaning to snag for your turntable.

The bookstore provides a cozy window seat for some light reading and what’s more, they hold regular events like book signings and run a book club. Get your bookworm fix at this neighborhood hangout.

Highland Yoga

Highland Yoga is Virginia Highland’s neighborhood spot for hot power yoga. The classes are a unique, thoughtful blend of vinyasa, mindfulness, and infrared heat elements, so Highland Yoga challenges its students to explore new aspects of themselves.

Just a quick ride from the Atlanta campus, Highland Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the week so you can drop by before class or spend a relaxing–and invigorating–Saturday afternoon finding your flow.

The Splatter Studio

The Splatter Studio
The Splatter Studio

Ready to unleash some creative chaos onto a blank canvas? Check out the Splatter Studio where you (and a group of friends!) can create, paint, laugh, vibe to the music–and maybe get a little messy along the way.

While donning a full Tyvek suit and arm yourself with all types of painting tools, you will learn tips, techniques and tricks to make your canvas a true masterpiece. It’s the perfect experience to blow off steam from classes and take study breaks–and maybe make some inspiration a reality!

The Restaurants

La Travola
La Travola

We couldn’t choose just one, so we’ll give you three. La Tavola transports you from Atlanta to a quaint Tuscan trattoria with its wide variety Italian cuisine at an attainable price point. Just down the road, you can also try DBA Barbecue, a casual neighborhood outpost for–you guessed it–some fantastic southern barbecue.

Finally there is the Atkins Park Restaurant. Originally known as the Atkins Park Delicatessen and established in 1922, it has the distinction of being the city’s oldest continuously licensed tavern! This restaurant is an Atlanta fixture that offers creative pub food in a laid back atmosphere.

Orme Park

Orme Park is a cozy, sunken green space nestled along Clear Creek, which makes it the perfect spot to indulge in a coffee from Ash Coffee or get some studying done while surrounded by nature. There are benches for people watching or picnicking. Being that Atlanta is known as the “city in the forest,” you can never go wrong with its green spaces for a moment of relaxation.

Come Visit!

Ready to check out Emory University to learn more about Atlanta’s vibrant neighborhoods? You can visit in-person or virtually through guided or self-guided tours. To find out how, go to our Admission page.

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