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How to Survive Early Decision Day

Advice from an ED Student

Jacob was an Early Decision applicant to Emory University just last year, so for our ED applicants out there, he’s been in your shoes! Here’s his advice on how to survive Tuesday, December 15, when ED decisions are released. (And for a reminder on how Decision release will work this year, read this update.)

Spend time with family and friends

This day is an important day in your life. Those who have been with you through it all should be with you. Be with the people who you are happiest with, and share this day with them.


Keep busy

Why waste your day thinking about what is going to come? Be active. Go to a few of your favorite places alone or with your friends. Plan out your day a few days before of what you’re going to do.

Do what you love

Stay positive and enjoy your day. Make a list of the things you love to do and pick a few to day. This is part of staying busy and not stressing.
Treat Yo Self


Distractions aren’t always bad

You down? Keep your mind off the stress with something like Netflix. The day can become a stressful waiting game. Put on your favorite show, have a good laugh, and keep your mind elsewhere.Home Alone

Breathe. It will all work out.

Relax. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t be too fixated on the future, and just live in the moment. This day is important and stressing will not help. Take deep breathes and relax.


Jacob Headshot
Jacob Robbins 19B*
Business and Dance
Trumbull, CT


*Emory University uses these abbreviations to designate graduation year. For example, Jacob will graduate from the Goizueta Business School (B) of Emory University in 2019.

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