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FAQs for an Emory Tour Guide

I chose to attend Emory because of my tour guide during my visit to campus a year and a half ago. Vibrant, involved, and excited about Emory, my tour guide introduced me to the academic resources and diverse organizations on campus. After my freshman year here at Emory, I realized that I want to inspire prospective students and families the same way my tour guide did for me: they inspired me to make Emory my home for the next four years. Becoming an Emory tour guide was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and a highlight of my college career so far.

Some of the most common questions that prospective students and parents ask me on tours include:

How would you describe the typical Emory student:

There is no typical Emory student, although they do have a lot of things in common. Emory students are all very involved on campus. Students are members of sports teams, acapella groups, business and medical organizations, all while also excelling in the classroom. They are diverse in both their interests and passions.

Some of my friends are on the club sports teams and travel to other universities in the southeast, while others compete at dance competitions across the nation. Apart from their busy academic schedules, a lot of my friends also volunteer around campus and Atlanta every week. Two of my friends studied abroad in London this summer: one studied economics while another completed a global health internship. I think that the opportunities at Emory are truly limitless.

What is the weather like in Atlanta/ Is it always very hot?:

One of the most amazing features of going to school in the South is the ability to enjoy year-round, beautiful weather. Though the summer months get humid, students can relax and enjoy the southern sunshine by running through Lullwater Preserve or by swimming in our outdoor campus pool. While my friends in the northeast are buried under feet snow and layers of thick clothing in winter, my friends at Emory are enjoying the quad in jeans and t-shirts. I never have to bring my thick puffy jacket and fur boots from home, because I’m basking in the Atlanta  sunshine throughout the year.

How hard is it to be a pre-health student here at Emory:

There are a lot of students at Emory interested in pursuing pre-health careers because of our phenomenal science departments and distinguished faculty. I love being a pre-medical student here because whenever I feel stressed, I rely on the strong support system created by my professors who really care about their students’ success. My classmates and I study together for exams, help each other with tough material, and collaborate rather than compete. Students here work with one another, never against each other.

Pre-med students have resources like the Career Center and Pre-Health Mentoring Office where advisors help with schedule planning, research opportunities, and composite letters for graduate school applications. By taking advantage of the myriad of resources on campus, many pre-health students have success finding research or volunteer opportunities, and also gaining acceptance into prestigious graduate schools.

Does Emory have a football team?/ What is the school spirit like at Emory?

Emory is a university marked by unique traditions including two spirit weeks every year, Farmers Market Tuesdays, and Wonderful Wednesdays. During Wonderful Wednesdays, different student organizations sponsor events and foster campus engagement by gathering in the center of campus to host games, play music, and give away free food. While some Wonderful Wednesdays are themed, Women’s Wonderful Wednesday for example, others have had dunk tanks and petting zoos! During Farmer’s Market Tuesdays, local vendors sell fresh produce including fruits, donuts, Cuban food, Indian food, coffee, and my favorite drink, bubble tea. Some of these traditions have existed for decades now, but still bring excitement and energy to the campus, and foster school spirit with the students.

In terms of school spirit, I was excited to learn, throughout my freshman year, that students are proud to be a students at Emory. While we don’t have a football team, students can still get their “football fix,” by watching the teams at neighboring universities or Atlanta’s home team, the Falcons. Crowds of students support other sports here at Emory, including our basketball, soccer, and volleyball teams. Students can also be a part of over 500+ organizations on campus. We like to say that students here typically get their school spirit by participating, not spectating.

I look forward to leading tours this semester where I’ll meet prospective students who will one day become a part of our picturesque campus and diverse community.


Amulya Marellapudi
Valley Cottage, NY
Biology Major & Global Health Minor




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