Emory’s Short Answer Questions 2021-22

We are pleased to announce Emory University’s short answer questions for the 2021-2022 first-year application.

In addition to your Personal Statement, please answer two additional short answer questions, one about your academic interests and one to help us get to know you better. We encourage you to be thoughtful in your responses and not stress about what the “right answer” might be, as there really isn’t one.

Academic Interests

This question is required. Your response should be no more than 200 words.

  • What academic areas are you interested in exploring in college?

Getting to Know You

In addition, answer one of the following questions.  Your response should be no more than 150 words.

  • Reflect on a personal experience where you intentionally expanded your cultural awareness.
  • When was the last time you questioned something you had thought to be true?
  • If you could witness a historic event (past, present or future) first-hand, what would it be, and why?
  • Share about a time when you were awestruck.
  • Which book, character, song, monologue, or piece of work (fiction or non-fiction) seems made for you? Why?

Want advice and examples of other great Emory University application essays and Personal Statements? We’ve got you covered! Each year we run a Strong Personal Statements blog series. We share real essays from the previous years’ applicants who were admitted and enrolled at Emory University. Each personal statement includes thoughts from the staff who reviewed these applicants’ essay, too, and why they felt it was a strong example for you.

We look forward to getting to know you better through your application writing.


Don’t hesitate to connect with us by posting a comment to this blog, tweeting us @emoryadmission, or emailing us at admission@emory.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Yasmine Reyes

    I’m currently a senior in Highschool looking to apply for colleges. I heard Emory was a great college because it provides students with a great community and that the professors there try their best to want the kids to achieve their academics and personal goals. I’m looking forward to trying to study at this University.

  2. Michael C. Onyemenam Jr.

    Ever since I was a child I always dreamed to study in one of the top prestigious schools, knowing more about the world that I live in, and make my name in history. Everyone had told me that was a dream too big for a simple and creative boy like me. The power of words touch my heart ever since I can remember. I’m happy ’cause I’ve been born in the 20th century, that boys are allowed to dream far and have space to realize their dreams. Right now I do a work-study in the medical health sciences to understand more about the world, but Emory has a great program that helps us, minorities, to explore more about the world that we belong so that’s why I have sure is the right place to me.

  3. Anitra Krishnan

    In the world we live and the current global situation, one area that needs attention is Mental health. I have been engaging in research activity to link neurological activity and genetics. I am also very passionate about the impact of social media on adoloscent minds. Given an opportunity, I look forward to pursuing the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology program and engage in research opportunities at Emory. I would also like to further strengthen my Spanish skills that has helped me in engaging with the local community and lend a helping hand.

  4. Nadine Jarrar

    I’m a current second year student at Emory College planning to major in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology on the pre-med track with a potential minor in Human Health or Anthropology. Emory provides students with a safe, inclusive community that focuses on fostering student relationships and enabling them to achieve their academic and personal goals. If you are interested in undergraduate research opportunities, diverse clubs, intramural sports, or other extra curricular activities, Emory is the place for you. It offers rigorous academic programs in all fields. Taking a look at this year’s prompts, I’d recommend you truly research the academic field you’d like to get involved in at Emory and target the exact areas of study you’re interested in. And for the “getting to know you” essay, I believe Emory is looking for genuine responses. Don’t try to be quirky just for the sake of being cool. Just be yourself. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Emory! I’m not affiliated personally with the creators of this blog.

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