Last-Minute Application FAQs (2016)



With the release of Early Decision I notifications in our rear view mirror, we are now focused on the next important date on the admission calendar, January 1. The first day of the new year is also the application deadline for both our Early Decision II and Regular Decision admission plans. For those putting their final touches on their applications over the next week and a half, we offer answers to the most frequently asked questions this time of year.

When is the actual application deadline?

Prospective applicants have until 11:59 p.m. ET on January 1, 2017, to complete and submit their Common Application or Coalition Application (only one is needed). Both our Early Decision II and Regular Decision admission plans share the January 1 deadline.

Are all application requirements due by this deadline?

To meet our application deadline, a student must submit their completed online application and request their official standardized exam scores be sent directly to Emory University by January 1. Supporting school requirements, including transcripts, school reports, and recommendation letters, must be submitted within one week of the deadline date (by January 9, 2017) for a student’s application to be considered complete.

Should I wait until the last minute to submit my application?

Absolutely not. Though to be considered an official applicant you have until 11:59 p.m. ET on January 1, 2017 to click submit, why test the system? Right now you have more than a week to finish up your application. One piece of advice we think you should strongly heed is to submit in advance. Don’t procrastinate anymore. Put aside some time to finish up those last questions, do a final review and then click submit, way in advance of the last moment. Don’t risk problems, and go ahead and mark this off of your “to do” list for the holiday break.

How do I submit standardized exam scores?

Students applying to Emory University need to have their standardized scores sent electronically by the testing agencies using the following codes:

Testing Codes
SAT: 5187
ACT: 0810
TOEFL: 5187 (recommended for certain international students)

Scores sent via these testing codes are shared by the Admission teams at Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College. In fact, all application materials a student submits are shared by both Emory College and Oxford College.

Though it is the preference of Emory University that test scores be sent directly from the testing agencies, the Admission Office will, in cases of financial hardship, also accept standardized test scores submitted by a high school guidance counselor in one of two formats:

  • Test scores on an official transcript, when all test scores are displayed.
  • Test score reports are attested by a student’s high school counselor and sent via postal mail or email attachment. Once again, all scores need to be submitted.

We do not accept unofficial test score reports or scores submitted directly by the applicant.

Can I submit test scores after the application deadline?

As stated on our standardized exam policies webpage, Emory University requires that applicants complete and request their standardized exams be sent directly from the testing agencies prior to our stated application deadlines. Scores may arrive in our office after an application deadline but must be completed and the request to the testing agency placed in advance. We are unable to guarantee that exams sent after an application deadline will arrive before the admission committee review.

Please refer to the chart on our standardized exams webpage to determine when standardized exams must be taken in relation to the admission plan selected. Applicants may submit additional testing taken after these deadlines, and, if the scores arrive before the evaluation, then they will be considered. The review of one’s application will not be delayed to wait for scores sent after an application deadline.

My counselor/recommendation providers are having difficulty submitting documents online through the Common Application or Coalition Application. Should we mail the items instead?

Any school forms or recommendations not submitted online through the Common Application or Coalition Application should be sent by your school official or recommendation provider via an attached PDF to Make sure that any application materials submitted through email includes the applicant’s full name as it appears on their application, date of birth, high school name, and Application ID#. School records and recommendations submitted directly by the applicant are considered unofficial and will not be processed.

After submitting my application, can I submit supplemental information, like a resume?

Applicants to Emory University may submit supplemental information if they feel that the application platform does not adequately provide the opportunity to detail their accomplishments. There are no additional forms that need to be completed when submitting supplemental materials. The Admission Committee requires that any supplemental information be submitted as a single attached PDF document sent via email to Please make sure the document includes the student’s full name exactly as it is listed on their application, birth date, high school name, and Application ID#.

How do I correct an error in my application after I have clicked submit?

We request that students who need to submit an update or error correction to a previously submitted application do so via email to: Please make sure any update message includes the applicant’s full name exactly as it appears on their application, date of birth, and Application ID#. The complete update or error correction must be saved as a PDF and attached in the email.

Does Emory University accept arts supplements?

Emory University values that many of our applicants are artistically talented and want to showcase those talents for the Admission Committee. Applicants should fully present their achievements on their application. The submission of arts supplements is by request only. It’s important to note that a request for arts supplements (or lack thereof), is not an indication of a student’s final admission decision.

Shortly after the application deadline, in conjunction with faculty from our arts departments, the Office of Admission will contact select applicants to request the submission of supplemental arts materials. For those applicants who receive an arts supplement request, please note the request is completely optional. Selected applicants are those that arts faculty are interested in learning more about to assist the Admission Committee in assessing ability and talent. A student’s admission decision is not influenced, in any way, by the choice to not submit a requested arts supplement.

I submitted my application, but I didn’t receive a confirmation that the Office of Admission received my application. I also have received no information about setting up my applicant portal. What do I do?

Application received emails with instructions on setting up one’s applicant portal are sent up to 3 business days after the submission of your application. The emails go to the email address you entered on your application. You should check your SPAM folder because sometimes our messages get sent to SPAM; if that’s the case be sure to mark as a safe email address through your service provider.

Do note, the Office of Admission does not automatically download your application from the Common Application or Coalition Application site once you click submit. If it has been more than 5 business day since submitting your application, then send an email to to inquire about the receipt of your application. Make sure to include your full name as it appears on your application, date of birth, and Application ID# in your inquiry.

Can the Admission Office check on the receipt of an individual application item?

Due to the volume of application materials received and processed by our office, we cannot check an applicant’s application status or the receipt of individual application materials via email or over the phone. The purpose of your applicant portal is to provide you the opportunity to monitor your application status.

How does my applicant portal work?

After you submit your application, use your applicant portal to track your application materials. This is also where your admission decision notification will be posted on the appropriate date. It is very important to note that processing application materials is not instantaneous. Whether you or your school submitted application materials online, sent them through email to the Admission office, or you have tracked that your mailed documents have been received by our office, it takes time for all these documents to be processed and your checklist to be updated.

It can take up to three weeks for documents to be properly processed after their receipt, accurately matched with your application, and the items to be removed from your checklist. Does that seem like a long time? Please keep in mind that we are receiving thousands of documents from thousands of applicants during this busy season. We do our very best to process each document accurately and efficiently.

Finally, if items are appearing on your checklist as awaiting, that means the items have not been processed and added to your application file. If you have not yet submitted the required materials, or it has been more than three weeks since their submission, you need to resubmit. Our Application Missing Items webpage provides instructions on how to submit missing application materials.

I have questions regarding FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC, and/or Tax Returns. Who do I contact?

The Admission Office is not involved in the processing of any financial aid documentation. If you have questions regarding any of the materials listed above, please reach out to the Office of Financial Aid directly at


As always, if you have any questions not answered here just post them in the comments section or email us at, and we will respond back as quickly as we can.






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  1. Mal

    I am applying for regular decision and I would like to know whether I have to submit the financial certificate form. Can you please clarify. Thanks

    1. AdmissionDaniel

      As stated on our International Students webpage (

      Financial Certification
      As an international applicant, you are required to certify that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while attending Emory University. You will need to download a copy of the International/Financial Certification form (FIF), which should be completed and returned to the Office of Admission. We also will accept a note or statement from your bank or financial institution as proof of sufficient funding.

  2. AdmissionDaniel


    If you applied for need-based financial aid, your financial aid award information is posted under the Finances section of your OPUS account. If you have missing documentation, your award will not be available. Click the To-Do List on the right side of your OPUS page for a list of any pending items. Required documents must be received by the Office of Financial Aid by December 22 in order to receive an estimated award prior to the January 15 enrollment deposit deadline.

    If you have no missing documentation, and your award is still not posted, or if you have questions you need to contact Office of Financial Aid directly at or 404-727-6039.

  3. Ted

    When does financial aid become available for ED1 applicants? I still haven’t received mine :/

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