Arts at Emory, Part 1

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Students on Stage

This is the first in a 3-part series—See Part 2 and Part 3.

I have a small confession. I am not involved in the arts at Emory. But you know what? That is completely OK! Every Emory student has his or her own niche. While mine is not in the arts, I am continually inspired by all of my peers who participate in the arts at Emory. Whether it be a physical piece or a performance, the arts are truly thriving on our campus.

We invite you to meet a few Emory students this week who have a lot to say about the arts community here.

Natalie Lewis 18B

Quantitative Science and Business
Jacksonville, FL


Theater: Rathskellar Improv Group

What is Rathskellar?
Rathskellar is the oldest improv comedy troupe in the country. We perform one show a month on campus in addition to many volunteer shows throughout the area. This year, we have a total of 12 performers in the troupe.

What is your favorite thing about being in an improv group?
My favorite part of being in Rathskellar is having the freedom to be as weird and as creative as you can be with 11 other equally weird people. Improv keeps you on your toes and challenges you to find humor in every interaction. It is the game of life.

If you had to pick a favorite memory from a performance, what would it be?
At our first show, I played Writer’s Table, a game that involves making up movie titles and performing scenes on the spot. Since the show was a few days away from the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur, I starred in the climactic scene of “Fasting and Furious: That Time I Got Really Hangry on Yom Kippur.” This was my breakout moment in comedy.

Mach Schroeder, 17C
International Studies
Palm Beach, FL


A Cappella: Dooley Noted

What A Cappella group are you in?
I am a part of Dooley Noted, one of the 4 co-ed a cappella groups on the Emory College campus.

Were you involved in a singing group before joining Dooley Noted?
I started singing in 7th grade with a choir and did that all through middle and high school. When I came to Oxford College, I tried out and participated in Oxapella (the a capella group on Oxford’s campus) for both of my years there.

What is your favorite part about being in an a cappella group?
My favorite part about being in an a cappella group is the creation of the music. When all the individual parts of a song come together and the group hits various harmonies, it is one of the best feelings to have as a musician. The sound of voices together with no musical accompaniment is very unique. Being in an a cappella group is like nothing I’ve ever done before and is by far the best musical experience I have had in my life.

What is the dynamic of your group like?
The dynamic of our group is very laid back, fun, and good-spirited. We all joke around with each other and make our rehearsals and performances fun, but we also know how to get down to business and hammer out our parts and music. I’m very happy to be a part of Dooley Noted this year and am looking forward to many more great performances!

Nikilesh Rao, 15OX 17C
Augusta, GA

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