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If you follow our Instagram account, you’ve probably noticed that this month we’re doing #AskanEagle. Admitted students from both Oxford and Emory College have submitted their questions, and we’ve been out on campus getting answers! Here are the answers from this week’s questions. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and see more videos throughout April!

Harlan Cutshall – Falmouth, Maine (Senior)
What are the biggest differences between studying for high school and for college?

In college, I start studying for my tests a lot earlier than I started in high school – I start studying about a week out, or so, in advance, rather than a couple days before. I go over material and make sure I’m as comfortable with it as possible, and that’s worked well for me so far and it’s what I’d say for people moving forward into college.

Noreen (Sophomore)
Do Oxford students spend a lot of time on the Atlanta campus?

Hi! My name is Noreen. Oxford students can spend as much time on the Atlanta campus as they’d like. It’s up to the students here to decide. They have shuttles available, but it’s up to you as to how involved you want to get on either campus.

Jake Tegtman – Wellington, Ohio (Junior)
What is the Emory Farmer’s Market?

Every Tuesday, a bunch of local vendors come and set up in front of Cox Hall, on the bridge, to sell produce and other organic foods. It’s always worth a stop!

Noah (Sophomore)
What should I expect at Oxford orientation?

At orientation, there are a lot of fun events planned. You also register for classes and can take shuttles to Wal-Mart in case you need to pick anything up. The most exciting thing is you get to meet your [hard to hear] group where you’ll meet a lot of your friends for the next few years.

Joan (Sophomore)
Is it possible to explore Atlanta without a car?

There is a shuttle that takes you out for free to explore Atlanta – such as, the High Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens of Atlanta, and the Mall of Georgia. For me, personally, I enjoy going to Lenox Mall with my friends to do some shopping.

Maggie (Sophomore)
Can students study abroad while at Oxford?

To answer your question, no, you cannot study abroad while at Oxford. However, you can take summer or winter abroads with Emory, and you can take classes that study abroad during spring break, AND you can study abroad your Junior and Senior years at the Atlanta campus.

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