Leaving a Good [Social] Impression

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Have you ever Googled your name? Yeah, me neither…

Okay, truthfully I hadn’t actually ever Googled my name until today. And upon doing so, I found that I’m likely one of three people— a 65 year old grandmother from Illinois, an actress in a movie called America’s Sweethearts, or a real estate agent from Tampa, FL. While those aren’t exactly correct, I did find a wealth of accurate information in a matter of a minute.

I’ll give you some time to focus since you just Googled yourself, too.

So that you do not have to Google my norientationame, I will reintroduce myself, my role, and why this all applies to you. My name is Maura Klein and I am an Admission Advisor for both the Oxford College and Emory College campuses (and a proud alumna of both). I read Emory and Oxford applications and it is an absolute joy finding out who you are and the journey that has led you to apply. Here’s my take on your presence in social media and how that plays into your college applications.

On principle, I have not used social media to search Oxford and Emory applicants. Only once did I search a student whom I had denied and found a picture of a joyful girl with a huge smile. For the rest of the day, I sat teary-eyed in my office feeling like a crusher of dreams. Referencing social media is a matter of preference. Just because I do not care to search your name and information, does not mean that other representatives at Oxford & Emory or other colleges refrain from doing so.

If you’re a college applicant, remember that you have an identity and you have an electronic identity. What you post on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter builds your electronic resume and it is very accessible to colleges and future employers. Because what you post on social media sites is in your vernacular and written candidly, it can likely serve as a more telling representation of who you are than your carefully crafted college application. Don’t go changing who you are—we appreciate that you are authentic! Just stop and think about your social fingerprint. What image have you already painted for yourself?

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