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Welcome to the Inside Emory Admission blog. It is the dawning of a new day for Emory University’s Office of Undergraduate Admission as we launch a massive overhaul and redesign of our Admission website, actively begin to use social media to connect with prospective audiences, and introduce our new Admission blog. All of these projects have been in the works for months and it is exciting to finally push that proverbial launch button.


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So the first question that may come to mind is, WHY the change? The Undergraduate Admission website has been in need of a facelift and reorganization for a few years now, so the primary reason for the change was to provide all of our audiences – prospective students and applicants, their parents, high school guidance counselors, transfer applicants, international students, the general public, etc. – a comprehensive and easily navigable site to learn more about the undergraduate options for Emory University students, review visit options, and understand the application process.

The phrase “undergraduate options” alludes to the second reason for these projects. Many, but not all, know that first-year freshman applicants to Emory University have a choice in applying to Emory College, Oxford College, or both schools. However, there still exists confusion about the difference between the two colleges, how the application and selection processes work, and for some, questions about why these options even exist. Up until the launch of this new joint site, if you wanted information about admission to Emory College you would go to one site, and if you wanted information about admission to Oxford College, you had to go to completely different one. So there existed two different locations for information, even though the two Admission teams work in tandem and there is only one application for both colleges. Confusing, right? But thanks to the joint site, our visitors no longer have to chase around for information.

Future blog entries will delve deeper into the differences and similarities of Emory College and Oxford College, but until that time we suggest exploring the new online home of the Office of Undergraduate Admission, and connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.


If you want to connect with us in person, plan a campus visit!

A second question that may pop up as you read this initial blog entry is WHAT you can expect to learn from this blog in the future. That, to me, is the most important question. The vision for this blog is a mix of entries focusing on a behind-the-scenes look into the workings of an Admission staff, coupled with posts to help our prospective audiences navigate the arduous and stressful college application and selection processes. You will get to know the personality of our office, the philosophy behind our approach to a holistic admission review, and learn about what makes Emory University distinct. This blog will serve as your personal window into our office, and we hope it will also serve as a way for you to connect with us and share your questions and concerns.

And then finally, you may be wondering WHO will be authoring these blog entries? Well, my name is Daniel Creasy and I am the Director of Communications for the Office of Undergraduate Admission. I’ll be acting as a kind of editor-in-chief for this blog, which quite exciting for me, as back in December 2005 I was one of the first higher ed professionals in the country to start blogging about the admission process. Back then my goal was to provide an inside and transparent view of the admission process at a highly selective university, and that remains the goal with this new endeavor.

While I’ll author blog entries from time to time, the majority of our entries will be penned by members of the Admission counseling teams at both Emory College and Oxford College, as well as members of our Communications team. (And hopefully our leadership will chime in from time to time too!) Our staff is made up of a wide range of professionals with many unique fields of expertise, tons of personality, and a lot of sage wisdom to impart in future blog posts, so stay tuned, and check back often!

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