Regular Decision Notification Day


The light at the end of the tunnel is here for all of our Regular Decision applicants. After 6:00 p.m. ET tonight, Regular Decision admission notifications will be posted to  students’ OPUS account, and the Emory College and Oxford College classes of 2018 will nearly be complete. If you did not review the blog entry we posted earlier in the week related to how decision release will operate, we encourage you to read it now: Regular Decision Notifications Update.

Unlike with our Early Decision I release day, we won’t be live blogging decision release this time—our staff is hard at work confirming decisions. However, we did though want to mark this special day with a new entry providing some helpful advice as our applicants prepare to and ultimately receive their decision.


1) Stay in the moment

Receiving your college decision is a major milestone, and you should share your initial reactions and emotions with the people closest to you. We strongly suggest that once you receive your admission decision, you walk away from your computer or put down your phone or tablet. No matter what decision you receive, get out of the cyber world and spend time with your family and true friends. These people have been there since the earliest moments of your life, and they will be there forever. The people closest to you are not some online community. They are not Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any other form of social media. Please heed this advice. Receive your decision and sign off. Don’t update your Facebook status. Don’t post your decision on some “confidential” website. Share this experience, your thoughts, and your emotions in the real world first.

When you do share your good news on social, especially if you are posting pictures of your letter, please take caution and do NOT show your EMPLID, as that number provides access to your private OPUS account.


2) Understanding an Admit Decision

To those of you who will receive an admit decision, all of us at Emory and Oxford offer you sincere congratulations. We hope you are excited and celebrating. It was a pleasure getting to know you through your application and we hope you will plan a visit to campus this April for an admitted student event. The Admission staff and our current student ambassadors are available to answer your questions, and help you determine whether Emory University is your future destination. Cherish this accomplishment. There will be a lot more to discuss with our admitted students in the coming days

and weeks, including a special blog entry tomorrow that you should check out.


3) Understanding a Waitlist Decision

To those of you who receive a wait list decision, the main takeaway is that this decision was not a “no.” We understand that wait list decisions are hard to deal with as they feel much like a state of limbo. Wait list decisions exist because of the sheer competition of college admission these days, and the unpredictability of enrollment. A wait list decision is more a statement about the overall quality of our applicant pool and the limited number of spots we can offer to make our classes. The Admission staff respects the frustration and apprehension of such a decision and therefore we have worked on a very helpful FAQ page that is posted to wait list response site linked in your decision letter. We strongly suggest reading through that information as it provides helpful information and advice.


4) Understanding a Deny Decision

Finally, to those who will not be offered admission. Please know that we here in Admission understand how difficult receiving such news can be. We do not take pleasure in not offering admission to students. In fact, not admitting students is the hardest part of our jobs. Please understand that this is not a judgment of your value and your ability, but rather a reflection of  the competitive nature of applying to a highly selective institution. We are a confident that there is a college that will be uniquely enriched by your presence on their campus next fall, and you will have an amazing undergraduate experience.

In the end, whatever the news you receive later tonight, we wish you all the best.

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