Now What?

Now that your application has been submitted, the waiting begins. We understand your eagerness to learn of your admission decision, and the Admission Committees at Emory College and Oxford College are working hard to thoroughly and holistically review all applications submitted. Decision notifications will be released for the Emory University Scholars Program by January 31, for Early Decision II by February 15, and for Regular Decision by April 1. Applicants will receive an email approximately a week before the decision release notification day with details on when exactly decisions will be released and how to access their admission decision via OPUS. We will also post that information to the Inside Emory Admission blog.still-waiting-for-admissions-decisions-thumb

Speaking of your OPUS account, this is an extremely helpful tool for applicants to track the status of their required application materials and ultimately through this online system you will receive their admission decision. All applicants need to set-up their OPUS account after their application is processed by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. We encourage you to review this OPUS Explained blog post for full details and answers to frequently asked questions about one’s OPUS account.

We know during the period between submitting your application and waiting for your admission decision you may have questions. Our first blog post of the New Year answers many of the most frequently asked questions. As well, we recommend reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. If you are still seeking answers, then feel free to post a comment to this blog. Or email us at Call us at 404-727-6036. And you can even Tweet us.

Finally, stay tuned to this blog with further updates on the decision notification release process for the Emory University Scholars Program, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision. In the meantime, get to know more about Emory and Oxford students through our #IAMEMORY blog.


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  1. Ulugmurod Yarkulov /

    I love Emory!

  2. Dyess Verfurth /

    Do students admitted ED1 need to submit mid-year transcripts? Thanks!

  3. Bethlehem Demissie /

    This is both terrifying and exciting. I wonder, how many people applied for Regular Decision. I would assume a lot of people did.

  4. AdmissionDaniel /

    @Dyess – Admitted ED1 students are not required to submit mid-year reports. All that is required is the final report and an official final high school transcript along with proof of graduation.

  5. AdmissionDaniel /

    @Bethlehem: The Office of Admission is not releasing the number of Regular Decision applicants at this time.

  6. Bethlehem Demissie /

    @AdmissionDaniel: Oh okay.

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