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Tomorrow, January 15, is the Regular Decision application deadline for first-year freshman applicants to Emory College and Oxford College. For those of you who have yet to submitted your application online through the Common Application, you have less than 48 hours now to get your materials in to be considered by the Admission Committee. As long as your Common Application and Emory Writing Supplement are submitted on January 15 by 11:59 p.m. ET, your application will be considered. Supporting school documents, including transcripts and letters of recommendations, will be accepted up to a week after the deadline.

Procrastination is the easy route, but we encourage you not to follow this panda’s advice:

Procrastination Panda


Instead the advice you should listen to is that of the members of the Emory College and Oxford College Admission Committees. We asked the counselors and advisors what they would say to a potential applicant who had not yet submitted their application and may be debating whether to apply. Here are their words of wisdom.

Atlanta and Emory are optimistic places, incubators of new, creative thinking—ideas which will propel our  global perspectives. The city and campuses are exciting places for young people,  places where those with abundant energy and forward thinking thrive. Rising from the devastation of war to the cradle of the civil rights movement to its birth as an Olympic city,  people have always gathered here in Atlanta to be part of a brighter future, gathered here at Emory to learn and contribute intellectually to society’s fullest potential.   Vibrant, on-the-go energy, deep and expansive resources, engaged communities, and upbeat as a summer day…why not check it out?!

Scott Allen
Senior Associate Dean of Admission & Director of International Recruitment

Soar higher than you ever thought possible and apply to be an Emory Eagle!

Kelley Lips
Associate Dean of Recruitment and Enrollment

Emory is the perfect setting for hard-working and talented global scholars who also believe that college is a time to have fun and explore a range of academic disciplines. Here you can not only learn from the world’s finest scholars but also make friends that will last the rest of your life!

Mark Butt
Associate Dean of Admission & International Recruitment

A little over seven years ago, I looked at Emory and Oxford and thought, “Emory is all about diversity. I’m a southern white female from rural Georgia. What do I possibly have to offer?” If you have similar apprehension about applying to Emory University, I can assure you (from personal experience) that Emory and Oxford will celebrate you for you. You don’t have to pitch yourself as someone you’re not. If you love to learn and you are committed and deliberate in your studies, you already fit the mold of an Emory student. So swallow your fears and apply – and you just might be here in the fall for us to celebrate!

Maura Klein
Admission Advisor

Hands down, Emory is the perfect community.  After working here for nearly a decade, I’m still amazed by the intellectual curiosity and genuine care our students express towards all of their endeavors.  There’s something special among our students, and you’ll feel it the moment you step on campus.

Emily Simmons
Associate Dean of Admission

As you make one of the biggest decisions in your young life think about the opportunities that will be presented to you, the environment you will be in over the next four years, and your ability to grow and affect change. Emory is looking for students who will make the institution stronger, not using its name or ranking to bring students prestige. Think about it.

Tim Fields
Associate Dean of Admission

Emory and Oxford Colleges offer a journey. The journey will be challenging and full of obstacles. The road will be full of long hours, new ideas, best friends, excitement, struggles, and perseverance. At the end of the journey you will walk away from Emory a tested intellectual, a prepared individual, and a welcomed member of an impressive global network. Don’t miss your chance for this opportunity. Apply today!

William Canon
Admission Advisor

So, the time’s ticking. You only have a couple of days left to complete a college application for regular decision!  Would you like to have to have the US Poet Laureate teach your Creative Writing class?  Would you like to have a former President of the U.S welcome you when you arrive on campus?  Would you like to study abroad and meet the Dalai Lama?  Or, cheer on our top NCAA Division III Athletic Programs? Well then, all of this and more can be found at Emory University!

Maddie Monahan
Assistant Dean of Admission

There are less than two days left until applications are due, and you still feel like you haven’t found a great fit.  You want a place where athletes perform neursoscience research and dance majors are computer science minors.  Discover Emory University, a place where you can pursue all of your passions, as well as develop new ones.  Here, there are always new ideas to explore and opportunities to engage.  Emory is a place where heart and mind meet, creating the perfect environment to live, learn, and live some more.   At Emory, you can be all of you.  Apply to Emory today!

Sasha Thompson
Admission counselor

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  1. Bethlehem Demissie /

    This article is so accurate. Procrastination is a real problem nowadays.

  2. Mohammed Ajwah /

    Do counselors also have to submit their recommendations one week after the deadline as well or do they have more than an extra week?

  3. AdmissionDaniel /

    @Mohammed – All required application materials which includes all school materials, such as the school report and counselor letter of recommendation, must be submitted by January 22 (one week after the application deadline).

  4. Mohammed Ajwah /

    @AdmissionDaniel Ok because I spoke with my counselor on Friday to see if he had submitted the recommendation and he said that counselors have about 4-5 weeks after the deadline to submit recommendations, which did not sound right to me.

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