Early Decision I Deadline Extended to November 4


Earlier today the leadership of the Emory University Office of Undergraduate Admission met to discuss the difficulties that some students and school officials are experiencing with the Common Application. It was collectively decided that we will extend our Early Decision I application deadline to Monday, November 4 for applicants to Emory University (Emory College, Oxford College, or both schools). Though we still encourage Early Decision applicants to submit their applications in advance of this extended deadline, to ease anxiety caused by potential technological issues we are providing an extra few days for the successful submission of your application. Additionally, since we are aware that some high school guidance/college counselors have experienced consistent difficulties with the online submission of school documents (school reports, transcripts, and recommendations), we are also extending the deadline for these materials until November 11.

The Emory Admission staff is committed to working with applicants and school officials during this time, and we are available to help solve any lingering issues. Despite these extended deadlines, all Early Decision applicants will receive the same in-depth and holistic evaluation, and we do not anticipate any delay in the release of decisions in mid-December. We hope this extra time alleviates any undue stress. We assure you that we want to make this process as smooth as possible and we understand how frustrating it can be to experience technical issues along the way to applying to college.

DSC_0122Some of you reading this may still be debating whether you want to apply Early Decision or through one of our other admission plans. Our Early Decision webpage provides some helpful information about the process and answers to some important questions to consider. Additionally, Emory Dean of Admission John Latting recently discussed with the Atlanta Journal Constitution the decision-making process surrounding the choice to apply Early Decision, which we recommend you read: Early Decision: Is it right for you? Applying Early Decision to Emory University provides a student the opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd and showcase their achievements, interests, and accomplishments months in advance of the review of the regular decision applicant pool. One’s commitment to Emory as an ED candidate is an important factor in the Admission Committee decision; however it is important to know that academic standards are not lowered for ED applicants.

We are well aware that applying to college can be stressful, even without technical glitches. Whether you are applying ED1, via another admission plan, are the parent of a prospective applicant, or a high school counselor, do know that the Emory University Office of Undergraduate Admission is reachable in many ways to answer your questions or alleviate concerns. You can comment on this blog post. Email us at admission@emory.edu. Call us at 404-727-6036. Or even Tweet us.

Our collective fingers are crossed that these issues with the Common Application quickly dissipate as the staff is eager to start reading your applications. We will be back soon with a new blog post including some tips on completing the Common Application.

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  1. AdmissionDaniel /

    Some have asked why we moved our November 1 ED deadline to November 4 and not November 8 like so many other schools. The answer is simple. Colleges / Universities are moving their deadlines because of the concern of server issues on deadline days as so many students all try to complete and submit their applications on the same day. If all schools just move their deadline to the same day, the same issues will arise. We prefer to move to November 4 so that we will be one of the few schools with a deadline on that day and we hope there won’t be server issues.

  2. Mahbuba Khanam /

    It’s a very wise decision that you have made.

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  5. Sadia /

    I still had technical issues when attempting to submit my app before the deadline, causing it to freeze and send right after the deadline. Would it still be considered for early decision 1?

  6. admission / Post Author

    Thanks for your comment. We understand that students continued to experience technical issues with the Common Application overnight so we will be processing all applications submitted on November 4 and November 5. If your ED1 application was submitted on November 5, there is nothing to be concerned about and your application will still be processed and considered for ED1.

  7. Sara /

    If I want to change my application from ED1 to ED2, can I do that?

  8. AdmissionDaniel /

    To change your selected admission plan, you must send an email to admission@emory.edu with the following information:

    - Full name (as it appears on the Common Application)
    - Date of Birth
    - High School Name
    - Common Application ID#
    - Decision Plan selected on submitted Common Application
    - Decision Plan the student wants to update their application to

  9. Dyess Verfurth /

    I submitted my ED1 application on October 20. I have not gotten a confirmation email from Emory with the Emory Network ID to access the OPUS system so I can track my application and the status of materials. When can the ED1 applicants expect this confirmation email? Thanks!

  10. AdmissionDaniel /

    For us to look into this matter you need to send an email to admission@emory.edu. Please include the following information:

    - Full name (as it appears on the Common Application)
    - Date of Birth
    - High School Name
    - Common Application ID#
    - Date you submitted your application

  11. Priscilla Do /

    I’ve submitted my transfer app on Oct 22 and still have not received my confirmation from Emory as well. When should I expect to receive the email about the OPUS account?

  12. Gloria /

    I just wanted to know what the difference is between early decision I and II.

  13. Dyess Verfurth /

    Thanks so much AdmissionDaniel. I did as you suggested and received my notification today! It was sent to my mom’s email address today. I used my email on the Common Application, but her email to pay the application fee, so that is likely the reason it was sent to her.

  14. AdmissionDaniel /

    @Pricilla Do:
    The Admission Office has not begun to download transfer applications from the Common Application due to some technical issues. We ask for patience from transfer applicants. You will receive an email from our office when your application has been downloaded and your OPUS account is ready to set-up.

  15. AdmissionDaniel /

    The only difference between ED1 and ED2 is the application deadline and decision release date. ED1 applicants needed to apply by November 4 and decisions will be released by December 15. ED applicants need to apply by the January 1 deadline and decisions will be released by February 15. Both plans are binding. Further details about Early Decision can be found here: http://apply.emory.edu/apply/ed.php.

  16. AdmissionDaniel /

    @Dyess: Good to know!

  17. Sadia /

    I submitted my ED1 application. Since then, I was awarded other honors and even completed a large community service project that were not applicable at the time I submitted my application. Is there any way I can send additional information about these activities/awards for it to be considered with my application?

  18. AdmissionDaniel /


    As stated on our Frequently Asked Questions webpage (http://apply.emory.edu/apply/faq.php), applicants to Emory may submit supplemental information if they feel that the Common Application does not adequately provide the opportunity to detail their accomplishments. There are no additional forms that need to be completed when submitting supplemental materials. The Admission Committee prefers that any supplemental information be submitted as an attached document via email to: admission@emory.edu. Please save your document as a PDF or a Word document. We do request that student’s include their full name exactly as it is listed on their Common Application, birth date, and school name on any submitted supplement materials.

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