Regular Decision Notification Process (2017)


Regular Decision notifications will be released at 6pm ET on Thursday, March 23, 2017.

The Emory University Admission staff has reviewed a record-breaking applicant pool this year of 24,114 total applications. This is an increase of nearly 19% over last year. Emory College of Arts and Sciences received 23,694 applications, an increase of 18.9%. Oxford College received 14,080 applications, a significant increase of 62.9% over last year.*

Please read on for full details on how RD decision notifications will be released, as this notification process has changed from previous years.

How will decisions be released?

Decision notifications will be posted online through your applicant portal ( At 6pm ET on Thursday, March 23, log in to the applicant portal to receive your admission decision. Once logged in, (when available) at the top of the screen you will see a light yellow box with the title: Status Update. There will be a link to View Update, which is where you can see your online decision letter.

If you applied RD to both Emory College and Oxford College, you will have one decision letter with information about the decision for each college in it.

Can I receive my admission decision notification in another format?

Decision notifications are only released through the applicant portal. We do not send admission decisions via email, and we are unable to release decisions over the phone.

But I heard decisions were released through OPUS?

The process is different this year than what you may have seen or heard from previous years. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is using a different online applicant portal described above.

If you have heard of OPUS (Online Pathway to University Students), this is not how students will receive their decisions this year. OPUS is the previous online system applicants used to track the status of their application materials and receive their admission decisions. OPUS is still used for students who applied for need-based financial aid.

What about need-based financial aid?

If you applied for need-based financial aid, your financial aid award information will be available under the Finances section of your OPUS account on the afternoon of Friday, March 24. If you have missing documentation, your award will not be available by this date. Click the To-Do List on the right side of your OPUS page for a list of any pending items. The Office of Financial Aid must receive required documents by Friday, April 7, in order to receive an award prior to the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline.

If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid directly at or 404-727-6039.

Why are decisions posted at 6:00 pm?

We believe that such important news should be experienced in the context of the home and family. We also do not want students to receive admission news in the middle of the school day. We understand that this time does not work for all of our applicants, including many international applicants, but 6:00 pm ET is a time when the majority of our applicants are available and with loved ones.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment to the blog, tweet us @EmoryAdmission, or email us at

* Do note: All data regarding RD applicant pools for Emory and Oxford are preliminary numbers as of March 13, 2017. These numbers may fluctuate slightly leading up to decision release on March 23, 2017.











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