#iamemory: Susanna Brantley, PhD student at Stanford

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How did an Emory education prepare you for where you are today?

As a PhD student in developmental biology at Stanford, my coursework, my mentors, and my experiences as a tutor and research prepared me with the basic scientific knowledge from my work today. Most importantly, my experiences at Oxford and Emory taught me how to think like a scientist and ask good questions.

The collection of lessons I got from a liberal arts education is something I value the most about my time at Emory. While I focused on biology and the sciences, I didn’t do this in isolation; I am thankful that Emory made me think about fields outside of my own. I think the Oxford/Emory experience made me a well rounded person, concerned about current events, thoughtful about how my actions affect other people, and interested in communicating my interest in science to those outside of my field. Be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. College is full of new perspectives and experiences.

How did your Oxford College experience influence you?

Oxford is a unique environment because as a sophomore, you are really an upperclassman. It gave me the opportunity to be a leader on campus early in my college career, which gave me the experience and confidence to continue to be involved in leadership positions at Emory and now in my graduate education. The faculty at Oxford and Emory were my best resource for encouragement, advice, and recommendations for grad school. Without my faculty mentors, I likely wouldn’t be where I am today.

Current job?

PhD student in Developmental Biology, Stanford University.

Brantley_Susanna_portraitSusanna Brantley, 11OX 13C
Stanford, CA



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